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Hassle-free BLE

The Cisco Virtual Beacon solution is a scalable Bluetooth low energy system for indoor locations. Its virtual beacons are as easy to deploy as dropping a pin on a map. They can’t be stolen, and they don’t need batteries.

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30 minutes to transformation

Transform the way you connect with your customers. Deploy Cisco Mobility Express and CMX Cloud in under 30 minutes. And, for a limited time, get a free 1-year subscription for CMX Cloud.

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Easy Guest Access and Engagement

Set up customizable captive portals for guest access. No web-development skills needed. Simply drag and drop components to create brand-compliant portals with multiple onboarding options (self-registration, social login, text message).

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Presence Analytics and Insights

No maps? No problem. With only one access point, you can gain real-time and historical insights about visitors to your venue. Measure the number of visitors, new and repeat visitors, passersby, peak traffic hours, social media sentiment, and more.

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Secure, Seamless and Simple

Simply sign up, connect your Cisco on-premises wireless network to the cloud, and start using Connected Mobile Experiences. We take care of the rest.

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Lower Costs

A cloud subscription can lower equipment and maintenance costs. Shift from upfront CapEx to affordable, ongoing OpEx.

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